About Me

I'm very interested in theoretical computer science (TCS), a bit of a variety, really. Recently I've been enjoying learning about formal verification, and especially about different logics. I also enjoy reading about semantics of PL and games. Functional programming is what got me into all of this, so my heart is with Haskell, but my favourite language is Rust.

I also enjoy maths! I am currently taking courses (aka modules at other universities) in real analysis, complex analysis, and algebra (specifically linear algebra and rings). Despite the two courses, I don't particularly enjoy analysis and vastly prefer algebra, but I'm happy to talk about either! I enjoyed learning about groups, fields, rings, and have been riding the wave of abstraction as I keep going up the layers of generalisations.

For classical music, I'm specifically interested most in the romantic period and some 20th century and contemporary classical; melody interests me the most, followed by orchestration, which is why my favourite composers (in no particular order, I couldn't rank them) are Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and Shostakovich. I also have a mild interest in video game music (VGM) and other music which puts an emphasis on melody and orchestration, like jazz and rock, though I know a lot less about the latter two than the former.

If you feel like you have anything interesting to talk with me about, then please get in contact! You can send me an ask on my Tumblr page, email me, or find me elsewhere.